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What’s The Number One Building Maintenance Problem In Memphis?

It’s the restrooms!


✔   Restrooms are responsible for more complaints than any other area’s of the building.

✔   Dirty restrooms can absolutely cost you business.

Many companies in the Memphis area (large or small) have down-sized cleaning service and would like to do their own dusting, vacuuming, or empty their garbage cans. But companies now have the option to hire Officekeepers, a full service janitorial company that will professionally clean RESTROOMS ONLY.  This is an affordable option to those on a tight budget that still takes care of the most critical part of your commercial facility.

Warehouse restrooms are especially hard to clean. Dirt and grime builds up easily in environements like this but we can professionally remove the dirt and grime even after weeks or month’s of heavy use. Whether you have two or twenty restrooms, Officekeepers will leave them sparkling clean.


Restroom Cleaning Overview


When it’s time to clean, OfficeKeepers will visually check the appearance of your restroom. We start out by doing the basics.  Picking up trash on the floor, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. Next, we will check all the garbage cans to see if they need to be emptied or if they need new liners. Next we start the process of checking items around the restroom that needs restocking.  For instance, is there plenty of soap and paper towels?

After the basics are covered we begin our thorough cleaning of the urinals and toilets.  We clean and scrub all surfaces and disinfect everything (including the toilet seats).  Some restrooms (such as gyms and health clubs) have showers.  We will go thru the same thorough process to disinfect and clean those facilities as well.

Don’t forget about other surface areas.  Of course we clean the counters and sinks themselves, but we also clean the handles, light switches and anything else a customer may touch (and get dirty or leave germs behind).

Lastly we will mop the floors on our way out to make sure your customer and employees have a nice clean floor the next time they visit your restroom facility.

While that is a basic overview of the process, all facilities are different.  Your restroom might need more or less attention.  We offer FREE quotes and we’re happy to make something fit your budget.  Just give us a call if you have questions.

We’re celebrating 20 Years Providing Memphis Janitorial Services so we have references should you request them.


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