Are you struggling to keep your office clean during working hours? If so, here’s a few tips that might help.

First, we always encourage letting your employees work together in order to keep the office restrooms looking clean from 9 to 5. These tasks can be simple. Task like cleaning the excess soap off thememphis_office_floor_cleaners top of the sinks, or picking up dropped paper towels (especially if the waste basket gets full).  Of course, OfficeKeepers will take care of large tasks such as cleaning the toilets and floors after work hours but small items like this will help keep the restroom clean and tidy during the day for both employees and any clients or customers that come to your location.

Second, is a simple reminder we always tell our customers here in Memphis – make sure employees add to the cleanliness of your office by wiping their feet before entering.  Even if an employee’s shoes don’t appear to be dirty (on a nice day for instance), there is always some dirt on them that can be wiped off. Just like home, this makes a big difference with the soiling of entryways and carpeted areas. If that is something your business has daily issues with, Officekeepers can make that a part of your cleaning routine by either vacuuming or spot cleaning the rugs or carpets during each of our visits.