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Floor Waxing / Refinishing

Memphis Tile Floor Stripping, Buffing, Burnishing and Refinishing

When it comes to maintaining, cleaning, or waxing your Memphis commercial tile floors our experts should be your number one choice.
Our floor and tile cleaning services are affordable and up to the highest standards for businesses of any concentration. Be it a warehouse environment a medical office, or any other commercial building we will keep your floors spotless and well polished. We will tailor a custom package according to your needs and foot traffic conditions. We will accommodate any budget and will work on your schedule.

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First impressions last forever. When a customer enters your business they form an immediate impression about the cleanliness of your workplace.

It doesn’t matter if your building is truly clean if the floors are not shiny or dingy looking and dull the customer will assume the rest of the workspace is the same. That’s why Officekeepers offers the best service available to Strip, wax and buff your tile flooring. Most people don’t realize the quality of the wax is the main Ingredient in obtaining the shiny look or the wet look that is desirable.

You obtain that look with a high quality wax that contains a large number of “solids”. The higher the solids in the wax determines the hardness of the wax and allows for that wet look on the floor.


Don’t make the mistake of not buffing your freshly waxed floor as that’s where the real shine comes from. Just compare your floor to a pair of shoes. When you get a shoeshine and after the wax is applied you have to have them buffed to get that shine that shows you just got your shoes shine and you know everyone notices it. It’s the same with your tile floors. When you properly have the floors waxed and buffed it shows your customers that you pay attention to detail. Here at Officekeepers we take pride in our work and the fact we offer the best service available.

Floor Burnishing

You may have heard about “Burnishing” a floor.  Floor Burnishing is a little bit different than buffing in that it leaves a glossier finish than buffing. Buffing leaves a nice shine but a high speed burnished leaves a glossier finish.  We are highly skilled floor burnishers that have developed a technique over the years to get the most shine (if that’s what you desire).


Most Memphis business owners don’t realize how much money you can save when you properly maintain your tile floors. Just like a pair of shoes your beautiful floors only stay that way if you maintain them. A properly maintained floor wax job can last two to three years saving your business thousands of dollars.  Plus you can maintain that freshly wax look year round with regular buffing.

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