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office-1461951As an office manager, you know how important it is to have the right environment for work and your employees.  That’s why you have procured all the necessary equipment for the office as well as the right furniture.  However, it is also expected that even with these features, the ideal working environment may not be achieved if you do not make sure your Memphis office is clean and orderly.  To do this, you need to hire people who can get that job done.  This should be the reason why you may have to contact someone like Office Cleaners, since we provide Memphis janitorial services.

If you find it necessary to hire a janitorial service in Memphis, there are many things to consider.  Obviously, the choice is not simply based on the proximity of the service firm but on the quality of services that it could provide.  This only proves that indeed the janitorial service firms in Memphis are excellent and are often considered as amazing choices.  If this is the case, you should therefore make it a point to include them in your potential choices as well.

What could possibly make them different from the rest of the janitorial services in the Mid-South region?  This may be a question that you should first seek answers to before you consider hiring one in Memphis.  A janitorial firm should have two very important qualities.  First of all, it should have the personnel who are competent and skilled in their lines of work.  Secondly, the said company should also be fully equipped with the latest tools and equipment for cleaning.  Equipment like vacuum cleaners, buffers, mops, dusting equipment among many others. The fusion of these two qualities should make a janitorial firm ready to serve an office, regardless of the challenges it may encounter.

If you just stick to the two qualities mentioned above as your benchmark, it would not really be difficult for you to find a Memphis janitorial services firm that you could hire.  In fact, you would be surprised that looking for a good choice should come very easy.  However, before you could do this, it is quite obvious that you have to gather enough information about the janitorial services companies in Memphis.  Google and other search engines like bing and yahoo can be a big asset in finding a company to service your needs.

Owning and operating any commercial building in the Mid-South can potentially provide enough income and revenue to make life easier. However, it is also very important that you make your property pleasant to the renters and of course their customers. It is a fact that people who go to commercial locations are usually attracted by how the property looks. If it is neat and orderly, you have a much greater chance they will visit the clients in your facility.  And if you have customers coming to the facility, the tenants have a much higher success rate (long term renters). However, if it happens to be rundown, in disarray and dirty, then it is very likely customers will not visit your place. That’s why you should have your property serviced by a company like Office Cleaners, a Memphis commercial cleaning services firm.

Obviously, some opt to simply hire their own janitors. However, this may not be a smart financial decision and here’s why.  First of all, if you have your own janitors, you would naturally have to shoulder all their wages and benefits. It is quite obvious when you do this, the total amount of expenses that you would incur would be higher. On the other hand, hiring commercial cleaning service would ultimately be a much cheaper option and more times than not a better service (and much better experience). You would also not have to worry about the benefits and wages of the cleaners because our company deals with that on your behalf.

When you hire a commercial cleaning company, it deals with all the concerns related to making sure that your facility is always at its most presentable. You may not have to buy tools, equipment and other materials that you would have to use for cleaning. This is because we have all the modern equipment needed to provide a thorough cleaning. Of course, we not only have the tools of the trade but also the people who could make use of this equipment.  In fact, we certainly invest in our people because they happen to be the most important assets of our cleaning business!

We know there are several Memphis commercial cleaning firms to choose from. But we also know Office Keepers offer a level of expertise in cleaning commercial establishments that many of our competitors simply do not have.

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Are you struggling to keep your office clean during working hours? If so, here’s a few tips that might help.

First, we always encourage letting your employees work together in order to keep the office restrooms looking clean from 9 to 5. These tasks can be simple. Task like cleaning the excess soap off thememphis_office_floor_cleaners top of the sinks, or picking up dropped paper towels (especially if the waste basket gets full).  Of course, OfficeKeepers will take care of large tasks such as cleaning the toilets and floors after work hours but small items like this will help keep the restroom clean and tidy during the day for both employees and any clients or customers that come to your location.

Second, is a simple reminder we always tell our customers here in Memphis – make sure employees add to the cleanliness of your office by wiping their feet before entering.  Even if an employee’s shoes don’t appear to be dirty (on a nice day for instance), there is always some dirt on them that can be wiped off. Just like home, this makes a big difference with the soiling of entryways and carpeted areas. If that is something your business has daily issues with, Officekeepers can make that a part of your cleaning routine by either vacuuming or spot cleaning the rugs or carpets during each of our visits.